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Alafaya Trail • Jan 18th, 19th, 20th

Scroll Down For Sale Photographs & Detailed Information. Jan 18th, 9am to 3pm • Jan 19th, 9am to 3pm • Jan 20th, 9am to 3pm

Sale Highlights

Lois Porters Lifetime Collection
This sale is full of items from her several storefronts.
A vast number of unique goodies for you to fall in love with.
Join us this weekend for a great first sale of the year!!!

Collections: Lamps, Pottery, China, Baseball Cards
Leather Sectional Recliner Sofa (great condition), Over 100 Great Art in Various Genres, Adorable Wooden Side Tables Abound, Huge Vintage Hat Collection, Olde' Books and Magazines
, Needlepoint Chairs, Pendulum Clocks, Over 50 Storage Tubs, Huge Concrete Potted Plants, Olde' School Concrete Patio Set, Patio Pieces, Grand Hutches, Wooden Room Dividers, True Antique Wooden Potty
, White Wicker Furniture Pieces, Wooden Hat Racks, Great Larger Rugs, Button Collection, Portable Fireplace, Vintage Kitchen Finds, Yes, We Even Have A ‘Mirror’ Room, Large Closet Full Vintage Ladies Clothing and Purses
, Bamboo Furniture Pieces, Many Cute Drop Tables, Mirrored Curio Cabinet, Electronics and Mirrors, Yard and Hand Tools, Vintage Christmas, Lamps and Linens, Mini Appliances, 3 China Sets
, File Cabinets, Pots and Pans, Sofa Table, Chemicals, Suitcases, Vacuums

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Sale Address

2415 Teton Stone Run Orlando, Florida 32828

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