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    The CeCe's Closet Advantage

    Exceptional Professionalism. Your complete estate sale liquidation solution.

    Our Vast Network of Regular Customers

    Our wide range of customer contacts allow us to advertise the contents of your estate sale directly to both professional buyers and casual customers. The CeCe's Closet E-Mail Newsletter reaches over 8,000 regular customers. Our YouTube Channel receives thousands of views. We advertise every sale in the newspaper, and on the most-visited estate sale web sites.

    Attention to Detail

    Our estate setup is second to none. We take the time to transform your home into a showroom for our customers. Unlike many other estate sale companies, we individually price every item in your home. When necessary, we call in one of our A.S.A and I.S.A. certified appraisers. This meticulous approach maximizes the sale price of your items, eliminates haggling, and assures that our customers receive a fair price on every purchase.

    Unparalleled Advertising

    CeCe's Closet utilizes every advertising medium possible. From our upcoming iPhone / iPad / Android application, to tried- and-true newspaper listings we advertise your sale like no other company. CeCesCloset.com holds descriptions, photo galleries, and driving directions to each of our sales. Our E-Mail newsletter provides notifications and synopsis of upcoming sales. Each sale is listed on the most popular estate sale websites.

    Precise Preparation

    Prior to the sale we obtain all necessary permits. Armed security is present at every sale. We provide parking management for the convenience of our customers and the relief of the neighbors. We even go so far as to carefully map our curbside sign placement to generate maximum exposure to folks driving by.

    Complete Estate Liquidation

    We provide a turn-key solution to customers looking for complete liquidation of an estate. In addition to our high-rate of liquidation during the sale, we offer several donation and buy-out options for any unsold items. Cleaning services are available for especially messy households. Additionally, we offer transport services for any estate-related items which are not already on-site (ie. in a storage unit). We are able take a "lived-in" home and transform it into a "broom clean" house ready for a realtor or new owner.

    Our Reputation is Above Reproach

    CeCe's Closet has the knowledge and expertise necessary to make your sale run smoothly and successfully.

    We are uniquely qualified to assist you in your time of need & accomplish your goals; professionally, honestly and promptly. Our dedication, commitment, established contacts with proven buyers, and the knowledge and expertise we have gained from a combined 100+ years of experience assure quality results. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

    Getting Started With CeCe's Closet Estate Sales

    Simple Steps to set up your estate sale.

    1. Take a Look At What We Do

    We set up the premises, advertise the sale, conduct the sale, and complete cleanup of the premises following the sale. Please read The CeCe's Closet Advantage and our Estate Sale Question and Answer Guide and take a look at our current Estate Sale Listings to get a feel for our company.

    2. Contact CeCe's Closet

    Contact CeCe's Closet to set up a walk-through and initial appraisal of the estate.

    3. Don't Throw Anything Away

    You will be amazed at what people want to buy. They will buy everything and anything including: Clothing, Linens, Paper Items and Brochures, Garage Items, Trinkets, Kitchen Items (Food in the cabinets & pantries), Half-used laundry room items. We are the professionals, allow us to determine trash from treasure.

    4. Utilities, Insurance & Air Conditioning

    Please keep the water and electricity on. Please verify the home's full coverage insurance. Also, please ensure that the air conditioner is working to the fullest. Cool customers are happy customers. These are required during the setup phase through to the estate sale date.

    5. Personal Photographs and Papers

    Please remove from the home all personal photographs and papers you wish to keep. During our setup phase, we return any personal papers we may find to the family.

    6. Prescription Medications

    These are a special case. Please dispose of any prescription medications, as they can not be sold.

    7. Cabinets, Drawers, Closets, Etc.

    There is no need to clean up the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. as we do this as part of the sale preparation.

    8. Instruction Booklets

    Keep these! Instruction Booklets for any appliances or other household items increase the value of those items.

    That's It!

    After the contract is signed, we take care of the rest!

    We Buy-Out. You Benefit.

    CeCe's Closet buy-out options.

    Why buy-out?

    We find that buying-out a customer's items is far more beneficial than consigning items into our sales. Buying-Out items guarantees our customers a fair price, immediate payment, and piece of mind. We include these items in our estate sales to ensure every home is completely full. This is valuable to our estate sale clients as our customers have a higher rate and volume of purchases in a full home.

    How do buy-outs work?

    After an agreement of price, we schedule pickup for your items. We handle all packaging and transport.

    Contact Us

    Please visit our contact page or send us an email via the tab on the left hand side of this page to schedule a buy-out.

    CeCe's Closet Customer Testimonials

    New testimonials added regularly!

    Susan Wilson

    Dear Cece,
    I've been meaning to write and thank you for the wonderful moving sale you and your 'commandoes' orchestrated for me. I can't tell you how relieved I was to have someone as capable and reliable as Cece's come into my home and organize storage items from closets, cupboards, drawers, and boxes in both the house and garage into saleable merchandise.

    I was amazed at the way you turned a myriad of forgotten objects into displays of attractively tempting articles for purchase. The majority of the major pieces of furniture were gone by the end of the first day of the sale; and by the second day, all but a few small odds and ends had been sold. I have been so glad that we selected your company to conduct the sale because you knew just what price to ask for things and displayed them so beautifully.

    I would recommend Cece's Closet to anyone in need of an estate sale or a moving sale. Not only did you lift a dreaded burden from my shoulders (going through and organizing the multitude of stuff I had); but I felt the price you got for the items was fair and much more than I could have gotten trying to sell the things myself.

    Thanks, again, for the terrific way you handled everything. I appreciate it very much.


    Susan Wilson

    Kevin Johnes

    Cece and her team did a great job preparing for our sale.
    What was overwhelming for us, was easy for them.
    On the days on the sale,they All did a great job keeping everything
    under control, and professionally handling the shoppers. We were very
    happy with their service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them
    to anyone seeking an Estate Sale company.

    Debra Seidel

    Dear Cece and her 'Commandoes'
    Hello from cold and rainy Kansas City. We just received out package of inventory and sales from the sale you did for us in Altamonte Springs. We (my husband and I) had to do a double, then a triple take of the final check. We sure are some happy campers!! We both did a happy dance!!. We wanted to thank you all for your hard work. The house was left in terrific shape and we appreciated that effort as well. Thank you again very much!


    Wendi Henderson

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your sale last weekend and thank you for all your time on the sale of the Bemina Industrial Machine. What a fun and fantastic team you have. Please pass it on to your team. This was one of the most enjoyable estate sales I have been to (I go to a lot of estate sales) your team is extremely professional, friendly, helpful and enthusiastic along with the fabulous setup and pricing of the sale. I know how hard you all work and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your sale and team. Please pass my thanks on to your team... My machine in set up in my sewing room and wow I love it.

    Thanks Again for your assistance and fantastic sale. I will be Seeing you again! Totally worth the trip!!!

    Debbie Smith

    I went to an estate sale put on by one of your competitors this past weekend. When I entered the house, it was cluttered and not well organized.

    When going into each room, they were terrible. There was clothing, linen, boxes, and other stuff lieing on the floors. People were going through drawers and just dropping stuff on the floor. I could not have imagined a worse way to show such disrespect to the owners of the home. I wanted to write you and applaud you for the care and respect you show to each home you enter. Your sales are always organized with merchandise easy to see and a staff that is very helpful and friendly. It's very obvious that you take great care to give the owners, the home, and its contents the respect that they deserve.

    Dick & Linda Walfe

    Dear CeCe,

    You did, for us, what we couldn't do for ourselves and we thank you so much. We know you had to work under very adverse conditions and you did well. Please accept the enclosed check as a token of our appreciation. You may certainly use us as a reference to any of your clients. The next time we are down we will give you a call. Maybe we can have lunch. You have a special place in our hearts.

    Thanks Again.

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