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CeCe's Closet History

CeCe's Closet Family History

  • CeCe's Great Grandfather
    Our History

    The scruffy looking man on the right is CeCe's great grandfather, Louis Levine. He was born at Koretz, Russia in 1865 and immigrated to U.S. in 1907 via Ellis Island with nothing but the clothes on his back. In order to survive, he became an old time version of today’s “dumpster diver”, a junk finder, buying and selling until he had a enough money to open a small store on Arlington Street in Chelsea , Massachusetts.

    He died in 1932. CeCe's father was born in 1933 and was named after him. The Levine family of 9 lived in a small 2 bedroom area in the back of the store for many years struggling to make a living. The small store later became a kosher meat company operated by CeCe's Great Uncle, Joe. He made hot dogs, brisket, bologna, corned beef.

  • The Red & White Grocery Store

    In 1920 the parents of CeCe's Great Aunt and Uncle built the Red & White grocery store. Located on Dartmouth Street in New Bedford Massachusetts, the Red & White catered to residents during an economic boom spurred a growing textile industry in the area. The store sold groceries and meet to a town with a population of over 121,000. A much higher population than today.

    This photo was taken in the early 1930's, during a depressed economy. Customers charged their food and paid later if possible. In the late 1930's, due to economic pressures, the store was forced to close its doors. CeCe's great Aunt Bluma and Uncle Ruby are 9yrs old in this photo. They are 93 years old today (2014).

    The Red & White Grocery Store