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We set up your property, advertise and conduct the sale, we leave your home broom clean

Of course, there is Never Any Out of Pocket Expense

Our business calendar typically books 6~8 weeks ahead,
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You will be amazed at what people want to buy. They will buy everything and anything including: Clothing, Linens, Paper Items and Brochures, Garage Items, Trinkets, Kitchen Items (Food in the cabinets & pantries), Half-used laundry room items. We are the professionals, allow us to determine trash from treasure.

Keep the water and electricity on. Verify the home’s full coverage insurance. Also, please ensure that the air conditioner is working to the fullest. Cool customers are happy customers. These are required during the setup phase through to the estate sale date.

Please remove from the home all personal photographs and papers you wish to keep. During our setup phase, we return any personal papers we may find to the family.

Please dispose of any medications, as they can not be sold.

There is no need to clean up the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. as we do this as part of the sale preparation.

Keep all instruction booklets for any appliances or other household items as these increase the value of those items.

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