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Estate Sale Question & Answer Guide

Answers to the most common questions about CeCe’s Closet estate sales

Why should I have an estate sale on-site?

An on-site sale offers the turn-key solution of selling all items in a home, and the convenience of not packing and moving items. Our staff will oversee the liquidation of all the items to be sold and we bring the collectors, dealers, and buyers directly to the sale. And there is never any out of pocket cash. 

Why should I hire CeCe’s Closet?

With over 17+ years of service, CeCe’s Closet is one of the longest running estate sale companies in the Central Florida Area. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in antiques, vintage clothing, fine and custom jewelry, silver, china, crystal and household items. We get the most for your valuables even if the items have seen better days.

How should I prepare my home for a CeCe's Closet estate sale?

First, do not throw anything away. Then, please read our Getting Started Guide for a simple list of steps.

How does CeCe's Closet advertise the sale?

We E-mail our over 15,000+ subscribed customers, dealers, and buyers via our exclusive mailing list. displays your estate sale’s information, YouTube video, driving directions, and picture galley. Each sale is listed on the most popular estate sale websites. Large professional signs are placed strategically to direct customers to the sale. And of course, we advertise on our social media. 

Does CeCe's Closet take credit cards?

Yes. CeCe’s Closet accepts all major credit and debit cards. All credit card charges are subject to a convenience fee. As always CASH is king. 

What things can be sold at an estate sale?

Antiques, art, appliances, automobiles, books, knick-knacks, china, collectibles, designer and vintage clothing, electronics, furniture, jewelry, kitchenware, rugs, tools and silver. Even the food in the cabinets will be sold. Everything in your home from A to Z.

When are estate sales held?

Our estate sales are normally conducted on Friday & Saturday starting at 9am to 3ish both days. Entry numbers are issued approximately one hour prior to the sale. This format prevents theft and insures manageable traffic flow.

How much time is required to prepare, conduct and complete a sale?

The more time we have to prepare the sale, search the house for valuable items and research the value, the higher the receipts will be. Arranging, cleaning and polishing items greatly increases the salability and this process takes time. Our average sale takes about 2 to 4 days to prepare correctly. During that period, items are researched, repaired, cleaned and priced. Since each sale varies, the actual time needed will be determined during our initial consultation. 

Does Cece's Closet collect sales tax?

Yes, all Florida businesses who conduct sales are required by law to collect sales tax, file a tax return and pay the collected sales tax. However, this does not affect the proceeds of the sale, nor is the client responsible for sales tax.

Does Cece's Closet allow customers to bid on sale items?

We offer daily discounts on items the second and third day of the sale. We have found this to be a more profitable then the bidding process, in addition to yielding a higher item sales rate.

What happens to items that do not sell?

On average, CeCe’s Closet liquidates 90-95% of a sale’s contents. We offer two means of liquidating unsold items. The homeowner has the option to sell anything left over to our third-pary buyout company (the profits are added to the sale total) or donate the remaining items to a 501c non-profit tax-deductible organization (you will receive a replacement value donation slip for tax purposes).

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. CeCe’s Closet’s contract is brief and non-threatening. We will review and answer any questions you may have at contract signing. At the end of the sale, we supply the owner with the a inventory of all sold items over $25.00.

Do I need to be present at the sale?

We find that the owner’s presence can be intimidating for customers and may interfere with sales. It’s preferable that the owner not be present at the sale.

What is CeCe's Closet's fee?

We work on a commission-plus basis, and these terms vary depending upon the needs and requirements of each estate. Our fees include all credit card charges, permits, online advertisements, Internet charges, additional sales flyers, sales day staff and security. We can provide extra services as you many require on a fee basis. Never any out of pocket cost to you, the client.

How soon will I receive my check?

Your check will be mailed within 10 business days with your list of items sold and your daily inventory. 

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